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Your Participation

Historically we have relied on raffle sales, fund raisers, local business participation, and camp attendance fees to fund our camps. However, raffle sales are declining due to saturation of the market and with the new plan to move forward on ALL FREE events we are losing a significant portion of our income. In an effort to have continued success we are seeking the help of local and national businesses to join our team and help this group move forward with growth and success. The help we need can come from specific sponsorship of events, meals, TKO camp shirts, monetary donations, etc. Currently we have many local businesses that sponsor camp meals, buy our camp shirts, provide eating/drinking utensils, etc.  Going forward we will need additional help paying for Loucon Camp fees, event supplies, etc.

" It truly is a blessing to have a group of adults that recognizes this community’s need for positive role models and influences in the lives of our community’s youth and that wants to ensure that every child, regardless of status/income, has access to the opportunities provided by TKO’s programs. However, it is solely by way of sponsorship and donations that this organization can extend such opportunities completely free of charge to its participants."

- Kenadie Minton, Executive Director, Grayson County Tourism

Why should you 

join Us?

Aside from the obvious community service you will be teaming with us on, there is a lot in it for your business. Going forward we are in the process of changing the way we recognize those who have teamed with TKO.  We will be placing sponsor names on all event shirts, news paper ad’s, banners, Facebook post, our website, magazine articles, etc. In addition TKO has gained exposure through a variety of outdoor journals, video teams, and industry professional who are beginning to bring attention to our group.

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